Owl's Brew Radlers

Owl's Brew is bringing the "double brew" beverage to craft beer lovers with their newly released Owl's Brew Radler

I was recently given the opportunity to try 4 new craft beer radlers from Owl's Brew, a company based out of New York. Founders Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield have been creating small batch tea-based cocktail mixers since 2013. Then, in 2016 Ripps and Littlefield decided to explore a little deeper into the craft beverage realm when they created their beer and tea "double brew" radlers. 

A radler is a beverage that generally consists of part beer, part carbonated soda or fruit juice. Ripps and Littlefield went one step further when adding tea-leaf brewed tea to the mix. They also added other ingredients to round out the experience. The four flavors they sell are:


1. Wicked Watermelon | 3.8% ABV - Wicked Watermelon is a wheat-base beer brewed with spices and blended with black tea, watermelon & pomegranate juice, and agave nectar. This radler has a hint of watermelon, while the wheat-base beer with spices is really the front runner. The fruit juice and agave nectar give an additional sweetness. 

2. That's my Jam | 3.8% ABV - That's My Jam is an amber ale that has been blended with darjeeling tea, hibiscus flower, strawberry juice, and agave nectar. Out of the 4 radlers, this flavor was a standout and my favorite. While it is a touch too sweet for me, the jammy flavor paired perfectly with the amber ale and the hibiscus gave the radler a pink hue to die for. 

3. The Blondie | 3.8% ABV - The Blondie is a wheat beer brewed with spices and blended with English Breakfast tea, citrus juice, lemon peel, and agave nectar. This radler was refreshing with a slight citrus flavor balanced by the tea and wheat-based beer. 

We’re very excited to be launching Owl’s Brew Radler – Jennie and I have both put in a lot of work in terms of sourcing and developing both our craft beer and our organic teas. We believe that beer and tea are the perfect double brew!
— Founder Maria Littlefield

4. Short and Stout | 5.0% ABV - Short and Stout is a chocolate stout blended with masala chai, pineapple juice, coconut water, and agave nectar. This is a seasonal winter-offering that will remind you of the quintessential flavors of holiday baking and dark stouts. Again, this radler was a tad too sweet for me but would be perfect for anyone who prefers sweeter beverages. 

Overall, these radlers are light and delicious. I would love to take these to the pool, the beach or out on the boat for the day. Their low ABV and light, refreshing flavors are the perfect companion for sessionable day-drinking. You can find Owl's Brew Radlers distributed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, DC, Maryland, Maine, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio and Massachusetts with plans to eventually expand to the West Coast and nationwide.

A personal side-note: I am a huge fan of owls. They are my favorite animal and I collect them. So when I saw these cans, I became a huge fan. Also, you can find Owl's Brew cocktail mixers here