my story


where it all began....

I grew up in Illinois, but have spent the last 11 years living in the Carolinas. I now call the Lowcountry of South Carolina my permanent home. I'm lucky enough to be driving distance from Savannah, Charleston, Atlanta, and Asheville - some of the greatest cities in the country for exploring craft beer. 

Craft beer became a fun hobby back in 2012 when I spent several months trying every pumpkin beer I could get my hands on. Before that, I have fond memories of enjoying Widmer Hefeweizen and Goose Island 312 while college friends guzzled millerbuschcoorsbud. 

The hobby turned into a passion as I began to explore more breweries and fell in love with the romantic story behind locally crafted beer. I began writing about beer in March 2016, diving deeper into the stories behind the beer and inside the tank. You can read my work on and 

To some, beer is just beer. To me, beer is a way of life.